Puppies are here! River x Murphy clan

Born 1/29/2014     7 boys 2 girls.

Strong Hunting/Agility/Obedience/Search and Rescue Prospects

Lots of potential for this group.

If you are interested in a Delta Gold Retriever  contact me

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Yes it’s true. Exciting, Exciting, Exciting News. We bred our cute little athletic gal,  Delta Gold Wraiths Rushn River CDX OA AXJ OF  “River”       to a very Handsome talented Hunting Dude.   Sire Gracie Creek Willie JH WC“  Mix of Brains, Beauty, Sound Temperament with Drive and Train-ability. We expect these pups to have it all.

We breed very seldom usually every 2-3 years.  A Delta Gold litter is something that is carefully planned bringing every litter closer to the Original Intent of the Golden Retriever per the AKC written description of the Golden.

 River x Murphy

These dogs will be  a nice blend of  Hunting/Field lines and Agility/Obedience talent, versatile and great companions with drive and and Off Switch.

Still looking for the right Working/Performance homes/Active Families who understand Goldens.

  Please contact us for future breedings as well.

I will send you our application, create a waiting list and contact you when the puppies are born..  Until then, watch for these exciting dogs participating in  Agility, Obedience, Field and Tracking, Search and Rescue

More about our Breeding Program:

All litters at Delta Gold Retrievers are raised in our home and great care is taken in raising and exposing pups to a wide range of stimuli. We spend a lot of time, planning our litters and have been thrilled with the results. You may see our dogs out in the field, or tracking, doing obedience, strutting their stuff in the conformation ring, burning up the turf in agility or just having a good time out with the family. Above all we place our dogs in great family environments.

We do our best  and produce sound healthy dogs.  Everyone is  health screened: hips, elbows & eyes cerfed and  heart cleared. All our pups are vaccinated, health screened (by a Veterinarian), wormed, dewclawed prior to leaving our home.

We also carefully screen all our potential homes. We do not sell puppies based on sex or color and place our puppies based on the best fit to each household.