Our Dogs

Our Girls

“Lucy” – Int’l Ch. Delta Gold On the Loose UD AXJ AX OF
Lucy loves obedience. She was bred once to Field Champion “Bro”, and produced some lovely puppies that show lots of promise for all performance venues.

“Ryser” – Firemark Rip Cord Ready CD MXJ AX AX AD
Our resident “field dog” from Firemark Retrievers. “Ryser” excels in agility.

Working hard for the cute shot.

Working hard for the cute shot.

“River” – Delta Gold Wraiths Rushn River
Our newest addition. “River” is a 50-50 blend of field and conformation lines from our Bro/Lucy breeding. Amazing blend of Spirit, Spunk and Athleticism. But don’t be fooled by her serious look, she has almost as many kisses for you as her mama Lucy.
Our Current Boy
Ricky - tire
“Ricky” – Int’l Ch. Delta Gold Rack Em Up Rick CDX
Ricky is an incredible powerhouse of a Golden. Watching him in agility is an unforgettable experience!

“Chloe” – Delta Gold Captiva Chloe UD OD
The Matriarch of Delta Gold. Chloe is River’s great-grandmother, Lucy’s grandmother, and Ricky’s mother!
Birdie - weaves
“Birdie” – Delta Gold Watch Me Fly CDX AX NAJ
“Birdie” was our very special girl who was meant to do much more. We lost her tragically to heat stroke. She is Lucy’s mom.
Turbo and Alex
“Turbo” – Jubilee Acres Turbo Charge UDX, CGC, TDI
Shown on the left. Turbo lived to the grand old age of 15 1/2 years old.
Turbo and Alex
“Alex” – Jubilee Acres Pride And Joy CDX
“Alex”, shown on the right, was our foundation bitch.