Pet Tails River x Rowan Litter

 Puppies! are Here! Born August  9th, 2011-5 Girls/4 Boys

We breed very seldom usually every 2-3 years.  A Delta Gold litter is something that is carefully planned bringing every litter closer to the Original Intent of the Golden Retriever per the AKC written description of the Golden.

Yes it’s true. Exciting, Exciting, Exciting News. We bred our cute little  young girl,  Delta Gold Wraiths Rushn River NA OAJ OF “River” a very  Handsome  Sire CH Smithaven’s AutumnGlen Rowan CD “Rowan”  Mix of Brains, Beauty, Sound Temperament with Drive and Train-ability. We expect these pups to have it all.


River xRowan

These dogs will be  a nice blend of Delta Gold and Smithhaven  versital and great companions. We are confident these pups will be extremely talented. Looking for Working/Performance homes/Active Families who understand Goldens.

Day 4 (8/12) – cute Sleeping shots

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Lot’s of eating and sleeping going on.  Tried to get different pictures of the pups not just Dinner time w/Mom.  Cute napping positions

(8/18) – Second Week

Dewclaws removed, eyes are just starting to seem like they are opening.  I think they hear us much better, which will come back to bite us when we try to sneak into the Kitchen and not pay attention to them.  Currently they live in my Dinning Room.  They are starting to use their rears more when moving around. Ms. Star collar I changed to Silver Collar. Her collar kept falling off and I ran out of star material. Hey Silver is a Star collar right? Starting to kiss us when held.

Love the pictures below especially the ones where one arm is over the sibling.

Keeping Warm and hugging

Nap time always touching

Hey aint heavy he's my brother!

Puppy's line themselves up... sort of

Chaos Sleeping

(9/02) – Third Week

Puppies are starting to run around and play with each other. Mouthing, shaking fur, sucking ears, feet and tails of their fellow siblings. Started them on 1 community raw meat mixture buffet meal a day. Mom is still nursing but 9 puppies almost outweigh her. She’s been a good sport, but exhausted and spending more time out of the box now. Toys were introduced in their whelping box. They are starting to chirp, cry, howl and bark. Trying to introduce a potty area, but so far it’s not going so well. Still very early.

I taught thought the picture of the long down was fun. And the feeding time. They usually go into a food coma after they eat.

Sleeping on the Rails

Rug Puppy

Puppies are getting Big!

Feeding time at the Zoo

Sleeping on the Rails

Food Coma or Long down?

(9/07) – Fourth Week

Puppies teeth are coming in full and sharp! They are starting to chew on your toes if you are barefooted.  They are having fun on many different types of surfaces, tile, carpet, hardwood. Eating 2 full meals a day, and River is supplementing  throughout the day. She has to stand up and feed now because they don’t all fit laying down. Everyone is gaining nicely. Coats are shiny and soft. This week will be a week of backyard fun. And possibly a small wading pool to swim in. Yes they can!

They will be having some new puppy home people visit them this weekend. Looking forward to sharing the love of these bundles of joy with others!

I'll make it out in a few days...

Sleeping with my Brother!

5th Week  (9/16) – Piranhas

 Puppies teeth are razor sharp now. Biting my toes, clothes and each other.  This is the start of Bite Inhibition.  It’s all part of growing and learning.  The pups like their outside play yard and play and sleep on their Kuranda Bed.  When it gets dark they all hide under the Kuranda Bed.  And slowly emerge when I come to bring them in.  So far on their diet they’ve tried, duck, chicken, turkey, offal, tripe, ground beef, eggs and beef Knuckle bones. Yummm  all Raw of course. This weekend they will have a Tracking/Search and Rescue type tests to determine which ones have more talent in that area than others.

Yellow enjoying a Lamb Neck meal

Napping very hard

Pups are still nursing

Too cute for words

7th Week  (9/29) – Almost ready to Go!

 The last few weeks have been very hectic.  Puppies have been growing in leaps and bounds. The puppies that may have seemed more “easy” or not as “active” when visitors came early on… those puppies have woke up! And the tide has turned.   The active ones are growing and sleeping more and the others have turned on their little personalities. So the dog you think you met, might be completely different. Their little personalities are growing and changing day by day. We’ve done Bird testings, Conformation assessments, and Obedience/Temperament testing. Oh ya… and early on some Tracking testing. Too early but was a fun day watching them follow a track for 3 steps then turn to eat a leave!  I have all placements in mind finally.  Puppies I will miss you more than you know!

Playing with Mom

More fun with with Mamma River

Let me out!

I'm watching you!

Playing with my toys