The following is a list of training options offered by Delta Gold Dog Training:

Group Beginning Obedience Classes

Designed to teach basic control in a wide variety of situations with distractions. Exercises taught include sit, down, stand, stay, come and controlled walking. Focus on training of household manners to help dogs adapt to family life. Some of the items we cover are:

  • Attention training
  • Crate Training
  • Walking on a loose leash without pulling
  • Heeling close around distractions
  • Sit, Down, Come when called, Stand for Examine
  • Stay with distractions
  • Jumping up on humans.
  • Basic puppy maintenance -grooming, nails, biting, playing in high drive, Exercise, food/proper weight management
  • Socializing
  • Controlling barking
  • Hand signals, voice commands
  • Proper play; exercise
  • Games, tricks, proper jump techniques.
  • Beginning Obedience for Agility training

Group Obedience for Agility Classes

Group Obedience for Agility classes are offered to teach you and your dog basic Handling and Obedience exercises to get you ready for Beginning Agility. Or for those already who have been part of an Agility program you may need a ‘tune-up- to further your Obedience skills in your ongoing Agility Classes.

(How are you stays w/distractions?, quick downs? Quick releases, Moving out ahead of you? Rights and lefts?)

Group Competition Obedience Classes

This class is designed to help the new or struggling Human/dog team enter AKC Obedience Trials. Some people may be new to World of Competition Obedience. Kind guidance and expert information will be given to each team succeed in the Novice/Open/Utility rings. We want legs! Qualification and have fun doing it. You may want to join this  class for distraction training and group practice prior to entering your  next Trial.

Private Lessons 1/1

You and your dog will receive individualized training. Working on specific behavior modifications or Obedience skills that you request.  Do you have specific training interests or goals, but don’t have the time or schedule to accommodate a group class?  Or can’t find a class to suit your needs?   I can help. I provide in home private training for obedience and behavior modification.  You will advance at your own pace with focused, one-on-one coaching, a custom training plan, and training logs to help measure your progress and celebrate your success.

Private Lessons (You can share your hour with others)

I offer an option to share a private hour or two with you and a few of your friends/colleques.  Some people have similar issues that they would like to work on in a smaller/private setting. Sharing a private lesson will give you that option.  You and a friend can share the hour, share the costs and work on specific areas that need tuned up.

Drop-off Training with Boarding

Drop-off your dog for one or multiple days of individualized training.  Your and your dog will receive individualized training. Working on specific behavior modifications or Obedience skills that you request. Your dog will be housed in an individual kennel and will receive  unparalleled training, care, and attention during their  stay.

Forms needed prior to Boarding, Grooming or Training

Prior to class I’ll need 2 forms filled out and returned to me prior to class.  Contact me in e-mail for forms.

If you don’t have access to a printer I can print and mail you the forms.  No worries just provide me with your address.

Please contact us for rates and additional information.