Session 1 Obedience Class Complete

The Current group of students in Session 1 of my Obedience classes were amazing today…This was week 6. What progress, what focus, you can really tell they have been practicing.   Big thank you to all of you who have let me help you progress with your Dog Training Goals.

I have confirmed my next Session (Session 2) for Dog Obedience 101  class times are as follows:

10-11 – Show Class (for students getting ready to competing in AKC Obedience working toward their Novice title)

11-12    Intermediate Level 2 class

12-1     Beginning Class.  (Students with young dogs, students with dogs with very limited formal class time)

Contact me if you are new to my program or don’t know which class you fit in.  I have answers and can help you reach your Obedience goals.