Session 1 Obedience Class Complete

The Current group of students in Session 1 of my Obedience classes were amazing today…This was week 6. What progress, what focus, you can really tell they have been practicing.   Big thank you to all of you who have let me help you progress with your Dog Training Goals.

I have confirmed my next Session (Session 2) for Dog Obedience 101  class times are as follows:

10-11 – Show Class (for students getting ready to competing in AKC Obedience working toward their Novice title)

11-12    Intermediate Level 2 class

12-1     Beginning Class.  (Students with young dogs, students with dogs with very limited formal class time)

Contact me if you are new to my program or don’t know which class you fit in.  I have answers and can help you reach your Obedience goals.

Class is ON 1/3/2009 – Lesson 4 – Be ready!
We are definately having Obedience Classes today 1/3/2009. Sun is shinning, dogs are anxious to get out and work, play and learn. See you at the field.

Delta Gold Captiva Chloe UD OD

My Great Grandma Chloe is now an Outstanding Dam! Big accomplishment.
Delta Gold King Olaf UDX
Delta Gold Watch Me fly Birdie AX, NAJ, CDX
Delta Gold Fearless Yukon UD

Way to go Delta Gold Kids. Thanks for helping Chloe receive this great honor.

Santa Clara DTC Agility Trial 5-17

Ryser was amazing this weekend! Hot weekend and still she wanted to run as much as she could. Saturday during Excellent Fast Class  1st leg, 1st place, did the Send and everything else I planned and threw at her during the collection of points. That a girl Ryser! Sunday we qualified in Exec. Standards gathering up 11 MACH points and a MX leg.

River was called a Toller by someone hummm don’t think so…….what do they know about Goldens anyways. River is learning to be an Agility dog some day. Sunday she played with her Brother Rondo at the Trial and watched Auntie Ryser work.


Bay Team Sunnyvale USDAA 5/3-4

Nice trial, beautiful weather, great friends, some good runs. What Ryser and I did well:

  • 1st Adv. Jumpers
  • 1st Adv. Pairs
  • 4th Adv. Snooker

We can now move up to Masters Relay, and Master Snooker (yikes very scary!) We had some very close runs with just a few Opsies… and some good contacts and nice speed. Always Ryser is well under time and continues to LOVE to work. This is her 2nd show in a year. So not too shabby.

River had fun just walking around watching all the fast dogs and meeting people. AKC next on the calender for 5/17 – 18 Casa de Fruita

Hawte Dawgs Agility Trial 4/10-13

What a rush! 4 days of Agility in Dixon with Ryser, good friends and nice courses, nice weather and a few Qs to speak of. On Friday Ryser and I came finished

  • 1st in Adv. Jumpers
  • 2nd in Starter Jumpers
  • 4th in Adv. Snooker

Thursday the Blue and Gold Team came in 42nd, we just couldn’t pull it together to qualify for Nationals as a team. But had fun. Sat and Sun Ryser and I had some nice runs, but we had a few opsies and didn’t Q. Ryser is the type of dog that runs very hard, and when she Qs, we usually place well. She’s puts out unbelievable effort on every course! Course time is NOT her issue. Her only real challenge in my timing.